Diglipur is 298km (approx.) away from Port Blair (Capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island) by Road.

  • Approx 12 hours journey to reach from  Port Blair.
  • Saddle Peak is Situated in Diglipur, it is the highest peak of Andaman & Nicobar Island with the height of 732m (above sea level).
  • Kalpong is only river which flows in Andaman group of Islands, other Galathiea and Alexandria rivers are presents in Campbell Bay (Great Nicobar Island) which comes under the Nicobar Group of Islands.

How to Reach Diglipur

  • It can be reached by both
    • by Road
    • by Boat (sea)
  • By Road
    • As we already told above as it is 325km distance from the Port Blair
    • One can really enjoy the whole trip on the way too.
    • On the way of Diglipur you have to cross the places which are evergreen semi – tropical forest, beaches, mangroves walkway the places are:
      • Baratang (100 km away from Port Blair)
      • Rangat (163 km away from Port Blair)
      • Mayabunder (230km away from Port Blair)
  • By Boat
    • Boats are available from Phoenix Bay Jetty (Port Blair)
    • Boats are available Twice or Thrice in a week  to reach.
    • Aerial bay jetty is arrival point of the boat and it is very near to Kalipur.

Places to Visit

  • Ross & Smith Island (Twin Island)
    • Ross & Smith Island is also well know for Twin Island
    • This Ross & Smith Island is not a Ross Island at Port Blair
    • This Places is the most tourist attractive spot
    • The tour of Diglipur is not complete without visiting Twin Island
  • Saddle Peak
    • Highest peak of Andaman & Nicobar Group of Island
    • It is surrounded by evergreen tropical rain forest.
  • Mud Volcano at Shyam Nagar
    • It is 25 km from Diglipur Bazaar
    • It is situated near Hathi Level village.
  • Lime Stone Caves (Alfred Caves)
  • Turttle Nest
  • Kalipur Beach

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